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Corporate & Private Rentals

Consider MacCallum More Museum & Gardens for your next corporate event, holiday party, baby shower, or club meeting. Our diverse facility offers guests several options with three indoor facilities and a range of garden areas. For questions regarding the rental of any of our facilties please contact our Office (434) 372-0502 or send us an email at

General Policies

  1. MacCallum More property must be cleaned, inspected and vacated by nine (9) p.m. or by dark, whichever comes first.

  2. **The renter is responsible for his guests and any damage that they may incur.  

  3. Please designate a person to be available to walk through MacCallum More property with MacCallum More personnel after the event is over to verify that the properties are clean and undamaged.

  4. Please do not park in or block any of our neighbors' driveways.

  5. MacCallum More has chairs available for your use.  We also have folding tables, both 6' long and round for rent at $5.00 each, and two 10' x 20' canopies for rent at $50 each.

  6. Absolutely NO SMOKING in buildings (museum, houses, gift shop).

  7. Contact our Office for more information.


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