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GOAL:  Restoring The portraits of

George Alfred Endly and Abigail Narcissa Endly

George Alfred Endly (1912) moved with his wife, Narcissa Abigail Wilson Endly (1839-1869), to Mecklenburg County, Virginia in October 1868 when his wife’s health required them to seek a warmer climate.  They had two daughters, Alice M. Endly (spouse: Thomas H. Benton Huston) and Mary M. Endly, and one son George A. Endly, Jr.  Narcissa Endly passed away in 1869, and in 1873, Endly married Mary Jane McCurdy.  They had one son, Willie Endly.  Endly was the town’s first mayor, from 1873 to 1875, and is generally credited with founding Chase City.


The portraits shown here were donated to MMMG by descendants of George and Narcissa Endly.  Most likely painted in the 1850s or 1860s, they are in need of restoration. 

PORTRAIT UPDATE:  We are happy to report that we have enough money to restore the Endly portraits and they are with the conservators in Richmond. A big “Thank You” to all who made this possible.  Now it it time to restore the frames. 


FRAMES UPDATE:  The frames are over 150 years old and original to the portraits and are very good quality American made frames. Their similarities in both design and materials indicate that they were made in the same shop.  Unfortunately, the years have not been kind to them and they need extensive restoration.  The restoration process requires expertise and is time consuming, The cost to restore both frames is $6,400.  We are fortunate to have found an expert in frame conservation who is able to bring them back to good condition. Due to the generosity of donors, we have already raised $2,100 of this amount.  After restoration, the portraits will be welcomed back to the MacCallum More Museum to take their place as a prominent part of Chase City history

This is your opportunity to help rescue a part of Chase City’s heritage by donating to the restoration.  MMMG is a 501(c)(3) corporation and donations are tax deductible.  The restored portraits will hang in the MacCallum More Museum lobby.

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