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Arthur Robertson Native American Artifacts Collection

An Impressive collection of Native American Artifacts.

The Arthur Robertson Native American artifacts is a one of a kind collection of Mid-Atlantic North American Artifacts.  Items from the Archaic to the Woodland Period are featured in this collection including soapstone cooking vessels, clay and stone pipes, bone and shell tools, polished stone pendants, spear thrower weights (atlatls), as well as chipped stone and ground stone axes.  One of the highlights of our unique collection is the Clovis Point compilation.

Mr. Robertson began collecting these items in the 1930’s.  He found his first point around the age of 10 on the streets of Chase City, which led to his fascination with Native American artifacts.  His collection was continuously added to over 70 years until his death at which time the collection was sold to various buyers.  A large portion of his collection was purchased by William Henry Hudgins.

In the museum you will find a replica of Mr. Arthur’s Cabin interior where he housed his prized collection.  Across from the cabin stands a Native American figure, which is representative of a 6000 B.C. Creek Indian.  Our collection consists of some 50,000 pieces, ninety percent of which were found in Mecklenburg County.  Pieces from the collection can also be seen in the Virginia Historical Society’s Occoneechee State Park, Clarksville, VA; and the Brunswick County Museum in Lawrenceville, VA.

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