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MacCallum More

Lucy Morton Hudgins' Legacy

      We invite to you step into our gardens and experience the wooded tranquility, terraced fountains, historical/cultural museum and all the hidden treasures that await you. MacCallum More Museum and Gardens is a six-acre property that includes the historical house, a gift shop, a museum, a meeting venue, and an arboretum with a mature urban forest and botanical gardens.


 The MacCallum More Museum & Gardens (MMMG) began with Lucy Morton Hudgins’ love of gardening. Mrs. Hudgins was wife to Edward Wren Hudgins, former Chief Justice of the Virginia Supreme Court. The gardens were established in 1929 and quickly became the focal point of Mrs. Hudgins’ life work. The name MacCallum More derives from Mrs. Hudgins' Scottish heritage. She is related to the first Duke of Argyle and the seat of the head of the Campbell clan was called "MacCallum More".


        Her son, Commander William Henry Hudgins, later expanded the gardens to what members and visitors see today. William or rather Billy, as he is more widely known, served as Personal Aide to President Truman as well as Admiral Carney, the Commander in Chief of NATO. Mr. Hudgins traveled extensively, and sent back treasures from around the world which were incorporated into his garden design. Thus, the gardens are dedicated to relations of the Hudgins/Morton families. In addition to the gardens, our facility holds a museum dedicated to housing several permanent exhibits including the Arthur Robertson Native American artifact Collection, the Thyne Institute, the Mecklenburg Hotel, the Estes Express Lines Tribute, and a series of rotating art exhibitions. You can learn more about the Hudgins family by clicking here.

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